Wilson Shift 99L V1 Tennis Racquet

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Introducing the Wilson Shift 99L V1 Tennis Racquet - the perfect fusion of power and spin. Designed for intermediate to advanced players seeking an all-around performance, this racquet takes your game to new heights. With its cutting-edge string pattern and bending profile, the Shift 99L offers stability and lateral flexibility, enabling you to unleash controlled power and devastating spin.

Experience the cutting-edge technology of the Wilson Shift 99L V1 Tennis Racquet, crafted with the groundbreaking expertise of the W|Labs innovation team. Through their patent-pending design, they have harnessed the power of computer-aided design software to create a racquet with precise geometry. Shift's ARC 3D ensures optimal lateral bending while maintaining exceptional torsional stability. By pushing the boundaries of engineering, the Shift 99L V1 offers you unparalleled performance on the court. Its slightly larger 16x20 string pattern strikes a harmonious balance between control, spin, and power, giving you an edge on the court.

In addition to its exceptional performance, the Shift 99L boasts a sleek and modern design. The artic-prism aesthetic enhances its visual appeal, complementing the revolutionary technologies it embodies. Not only does the Shift 99L elevate your performance, but it also reduces its environmental footprint. The end cap and bumper are composed of Agiplast, plant-based materials that contribute to a more sustainable future.

Elevate your game with the Wilson Shift 99L V1 Tennis racquet - the ultimate blend of power, spin, and player-centric design. The 99L is the lightweight version of the 99, weighing in at 10.6 ounces strung.

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