Wilson Pro Staff X v14 Tennis Racquet

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The Wilson Pro Staff X v14.0 Tennis Racquet bring something new to the established heritage of the Pro Staff. The X offers a larger 100 square-inch head size, with the same crisp feel, and headlight balance of the PS 97. The result is a Pro Staff which is easier to play, and more forgiving as well. The frame features Wilson`s Braid 45 construction, in which the double braided fibers are arranged at a 45-degree angle. The design improves ball pocketing and reinforces the racquet with incredible stability. Paradigm Bending is new in version 14. The new tech is a unique carbon fiber construction that optimizes the hoop and shaft`s bending profile for greater flex without losing power. Simply put, v14 has more flex in the shaft, similar to the classic Pro Staff racquets from the past. The Pro Staff X is 11.1 ounces unstrung, so it is designed for a stronger player who has the technical expertise to manage the weight. That being said, previous fans of the Pro Staff 97, who want a classic Pro Staff feel with greater forgiveness and pop, will love the Pro Staff X.



-Braid 45 construction places double braided fibers at a 45-degree angle for stability and ball pocketing

-Paradigm Bending is a unique carbon fiber construction that increases the shaft's flex while maintaining the power and stability in the head.

-100 square inch head offers a classic Pro Staff feel with greater forgiveness.


Head Size: 100 sq. in MP
Length: 27 inches
Weight: Strung — 11.7 oz / 332 g Unstrung — 11.1 oz / 315 g
Tension: 50-60 Pounds
Balance: 7 Pts Head Light
Beam Width: 21.5mm
Composition: Braided Graphite / Kevlar
Flex: 66
Grip Type: Pro Performance
Power Level: Low
String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses
Mains Skip: 7T, 9T, 7H, 9H
Two Piece
No Shared Holes
Swing Speed: Fast, Long Swing
Swing Weight: 323
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