Wilson Clash 100 v2 Tennis Racquet

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With the Clash 100 V2 Tennis RacquetWilson improves on their most flexible performance frame. For starters, the new look showcases an anodized infrared finish with an embossed Clash logo. Similar to the Blade V8 racquets, the Clash 100 features a biodegradable Agiplast bumper and grommets which reduces waste while maintaining high performance. Wilson`s FortyFive frame technology features updated carbon mapping which improves the racquet`s flex, but it also still maintains best-in-class stability. With version 2, Wilson re-engineered the construction of the top of the frame for greater precision and a softer feel at contact. The enhancement results in a 16% larger sweet spot when compared to version 1.0. The Wilson Clash 100 V2 continues the user friendly tradition of version one, but with the improved stability in the upper hoop, V2 should inspire players to swing with confidence, regardless of their ability level.


-Larger sweet spot thanks to new tip construction.

-Embossed logo is unlike anything in the industry.

-Arm friendly, yet stable.

-Biodegradable bumper and grommets, means reduced waste.



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