Wilson NXT Power String

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Wilson NXT Power Tennis String (formerly NXT Tour) is the Perfect combination of feel and power. It features high crystallinity Xycro Micro Fibers -- in other words, the string is processed to promote explosive feel on contact. In addition, it helps to increase the sweet spot size and reduce vibration for greater arm comfort. The multifilament construction is coated with a polyurethane resin coating to seal the delicate fibers to enhance durability. The resin material also helps to soften the feel of the string, providing comfort and power. This is a great string to try for anyone with tennis elbow, as well as anyone seeking natural gut like performance from a synthetic construction. NXT Power provides your racquet with a 15% larger sweet spot and 80% less vibration than a traditional synthetic gut string.

Construction: Multifilament polyamide

Color: Natural

Gauge: 16G (1.30 mm), 17G (1.26 mm), 18G (1.21 mm)

Length: 40 ft. set (12.2 m)




-Arm Friendly, for tennis elbow relief

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