Yonex Vcore Pro 100 (2021) Tennis Racquet

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The Yonex VCORE PRO 100 Tennis Racquet gets a refresh just in time for the US Open with a vivid purple and green cosmetic. Yonex added Flex Fuse technology with this update, which integrates a shock-absorbing polymer within the graphite’s resin for improved racquet flex and a softer feel. The new technology results in a thicker 23 millimeter cross section which produces more stability. To further establish the VCORE PRO as a control racquet, Yonex redesigned the shaft with the FlexCon System; a tapered and elongated box-frame design for greater feel. Like the previous version, Vibration Dampening Mesh is wrapped around the graphite handle (beneath the grip) to filter out unwanted vibrations. Yonex' Flex Force graphite means the racquet can flex, but it snaps back quickly for greater spin and ball acceleration.
The VCORE PRO 100 is 10.6 ounces unstrung and it offers a bit more power than the VCORE PRO 97 models. The Isometric head shape makes the 100 square inch head feel bigger, and it rewards players who attack the ball with confidence.


-New Elongated shaft design puts the focus on control and precision

-Vibration Dampening Mesh means Comfort!

-Flex Fuse adds shock absorbing polymer in the graphite for a soft feel

-Thicker 23 mm beam means more power than previous version

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