Xcel French Open

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Babolat's highest end multifilament string is now available in black. Utilizing highly elastic polyamide fibers, this string offers greater elasticity and tension maintenance. Xcel Black features a polyurethane resin that increases comfort as well as durability by ensuring adhesion between individual fibers. The dual coating of polyurethane followed by polyamide provides a friction barrier, resisting string burning and notching to extend the life of the string. This string is highly recommended for players seeking ultimate comfort with additional durability.


Construction: Multifilament polyamide

Color: Black

Gauge: 16 g / 1.30 mm

Length: 40 ft / 12.2 m



-One of the most comfortable strings around

-PU with Polyamide construction for resistance to notching

-Great for sufferers of tennis elbow

-Great string to soften up a stiffer racquet


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