Volkl V-Feel 3 Tennis Racquet

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An update to the V-Sense 3, the V-Feel 3 offers faster rebounding and improved torsional stability. The handle has been updated with a silicon polymer red butt cap to increase dampening reduce torque. The racquet incorporates Volkl's famous Catapult Effect technology for 30% more power and control, even when missing the sweet spot. The Catapult springs increase ball pocketing and at the moment the ball leaves the strings, the strings snap to their original state for more power.

The V-feel 3 has a roomy 110 square inch head, and an extended 27.8 inch length to improve reach and power. With a 16x19 string pattern, spin is easy to create, and the 26-28 millimeter beam produces ample power and stability when tested with harder hit shots. For seasoned doubles players who need a longer frame at a manageable 10 ounce strung weight, the Volkl V-feel 3 should provide plenty of power, stability and comfort.  

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