Volkl V-Feel 2 Tennis Racquet

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The frame weighs 9.4 oz unstrung, and the slightly headlight balance keeps the whippy-fast feel, but at a longer than standard 27.6 inches. The frame features the tried and true Super-G grommet system to increase energy return.

One of the new features with this line include Revolutionary EVA technology which has 35% more resilience, 15% more lateral stiffness, 35% more torsional strength and 25% more shock absorption. VCell is a new addition to this racquet which enables more feel and higher frequency. VTex is a silicone polymer based butt cap that increases the dampening in the racquet handle while resisting cracking or shrinking in higher temperatures.

The thicker beam provides plenty of pop, and the 16X19 pattern really grabs the ball. Players who need help generating their own power, and those that are addicted to spin will find a great fit in the V-Feel 2.

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