Volkl V-Feel 1 Tennis Racquet

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Volkl Power Arm Technology harnesses the main strings for improved shock absorption and more access to effortless power. The V-Feel 1 is built to give players more reach and a better chance to stretch for the extra ball with its 27.8 inch length, and the V-FEEL line incorporates VCELL technology for better feel for the ball. Revolutionary EVA, embedded in the graphite, absorbs shock better do to the denser material, and provides better torsional and lateral stability during contact. The handle technology has been updated with VTEX for more comfort, dampening, and resistance to torsion. Volkl gives users easy access to spin with a 16 x 17 string pattern in the 115" head and a thicker 27-29mm cross section for impressive power and stability. At barely 9.5 ounces strung, the Volkl V-Feel 1 is an impressive option for players seeking, reach, power, comfort, and spin.

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