Head Velocity MLT String

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Head Velocity MLT Tennis String is a fantastic string that offers performance players with the highest value possible. This control and power oriented string offers above average spin for other similar multifilaments. With highly flexible core that consists of 1,000 filaments this is also a very arm friendly string that offers above average shock absorption. The outer wrap consists of a unique low-friction coating that boosts spin and also aids the durability of the string.


Construction: Multifilament core with 1,000 filaments and a 30 filament PU bonded with a PU resin and a low friction outer coating

Color : Black | Blue | Natural | Yellow | Pink

Gauges: 16 G / 1.30 mm | 17 G / 1.25 mm


-Arm friendly

-Great for hybrids

-Low friction additive in the outer coating

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