Gamma TNT2 String

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A reinvention of the popular Gamma TNT string, Gamma's TNT2 encompasses power, feel, and control worthy of the TNT name. The second generation Thermal Nuclear Technology provides greater elasticity for more power and comfort, but with the durability of a solid core construction. TNT2 incorporates an Elastilon 2 polymer core to enhance ball pocketing. This mono-filament central core improves tension maintenance while the outer wraps soften the response to ensure comfort. Gamma TNT2 is one of the most well rounded offerings from a brand synonymous with powerful, and comfortable polyamide strings.


Construction: Elastilon center core / pearl-coated outer wrap

Color: Natural

Gauges: 15L / 1.40 mm | 16 G / 1.32 mm | 17 G / 1.27 mm | 18 G / 1.17 mm

Length: 40 feet


-TNT2 provides power, comfort, and control

-Solic Core for tension maintenance

-Updated TNT Tech

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