Head Synthetic Gut PPS Reel

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Combining all around playability with additional performance, Head Synthetic Gut PPS provides a bit of everything all in one package. Named for the PowerStrip Technology, which is a Polyphenelyne Sulfide Strip, this string provides added resilience and elasticity for extra power. Synthetic Gut PPS features a special Pearl Polyamide coating to reduce notching and burning for added durability compared to most synthetic guts. The string is constructed using a monofilament core with a layer of outer wraps, combining good tension maintenance with a slightly softer feel for a better, longer lasting string. A good choice for players wanting a bit more power and durability from a synthetic gut, and also players seeking an all around string for hybrid application.


Construction: Monofilament polyamide + outerwrap + PowerStrip

Color: White

Gauge: 17g (1.24 mm)

Length: 660' (200 m)

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