Pro Kennex Q+ 30 Tennis Racquet

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The ProKennex 2019 Ki Q+30 Tennis Racquet is the most powerful and forgiving racquet in the brand's arsenal. The "+" refers to an increase of 25% in Kinetic Energy Chambers which means less shock, less vibration, and less torque for players. The 2019 Ki Q+30 Tennis Racquet has a generous 119 square inch head, 27.5 inch length, and an enormous sweet spot. The Q Series (Quad Focus) design provides increased access to spin and net clearance on ground strokes. The Pro Kennex 2019 Ki Q+30 Tennis Racquet is designed for players with short, compact strokes who need one of the most arm friendly racquets in the sport.


-25% increase in Kinetic Energy Chambers

-Quad Focus Design for more spin

-Less shock, vibration, and torque

-Arm Friendly

-Extended Length

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