ProXR Zane Navratil "The Standard" 16mm Pickleball Paddle

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If you like the look and feaures of the Zane Navratil Signature Paddle, but the elongated shape doesn't fit your style of play, then look no further than the ProXR Zane Navratil "The Standard" Pickleball Paddle as an excellent alternative. This paddle boasts many of the same features as the original, while offering a more defense-oriented traditional 16" long x 8" wide shape, and control-oriented 5" long handle. The handle arrives wrapped in ProXR's Performance-Tac cushioned grip to help your hand stay fatigue-free while you reload quickly to dominate in the kitchen. The T700 Raw Carbon Fiber hitting surface complements the shape by offering a natural texture and impressive stiffness to compress the ball, allowing you to control it effectively, impart spin, and place strategic shots with precision.

To further boost playability and accessibility, the Zane Navratil "The Standard" Paddle is available in both a power/control-balanced 14mm (0.55") thickness and a more control-oriented 16mm (0.63") thickness. Regardless of your thickness of choice, the Polypropylene Honeycomb core will limit vibrations that run up your arm, while also providing feedback that helps you progress as a player. Additionally, Shock Foam around the edges expands the sweet spot to help you keep miss hits on the court. This shock foam is covered by a Zane-signature blue edge guard, adding the durability that big-time players demand.

Packed with all the technology and a similar mid-weight range to the original, the Zane Navratil "The Standard" Pickleball Paddle from ProXR offers a more accessible shape to augment your all-court game.

Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8".

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