Yonex Poly Tour Pro Reel

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Offering surprising performance in a durable string, Yonex Poly Tour Pro provides greater playability than Poly Tour HS. The increased elasticity is thanks to a unique blend of polymers during construction to allow both strength and flexibility. Poly Tour Pro offers improved ball pocketing and comfort compared to many of the poly-based strings tested. An outer coating is applied to reduce friction, increasing spin generation for excellent control from the baseline. Our testers were surprised by the overall combination of comfort and playability from this string. This is the string of choice for top Yonex pro's Francis Tiafoe and Nick Kyrgios.


Construction: Monofilament Co-Polyester

Color: Flash Yellow

Gauge: 18G (1.15 mm) | 17G (1.20mm) | 16L (1.25 mm) | 16G (1.30 mm)

Length: 660' (200 m)


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