Tecnifibre Multi Feel String

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Tecnifibre Multi-Feel gives players the best combination of comfortable playability with monofilament like durability. Utilizing a single monofilament core, tension maintenance is increased while an anti abrasion coating known as the SPL technology (Silicium Pyrogene Lubritec) provides added durability. Multi-Feel features 985 multifilament fibers arranged in 6 packets around the monofilament core to give increased power and touch.  Making Tecnifibre strings unique is the PU Inside, a maximum of 20% of a binding agent for the strings, increasing elasticity and providing the ultimate in comfort. For the player seeking multifilament playability and comfort with the added durability of a monofilament core, give Tecnifibre Multi-Feel a try. Designed to play slightly stiffer than Tecnifibre XR3 with a bit less power.


Construction: Monofilament core with multifilament outerwraps

Color: Natural

Length: 40 ft. (12.2m)

Gauge: 16G (1.30 mm) | 17G (1.25 mm)

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