Mizuno Women's Wave Exceed Tour 6 AC (Blue G/Saxony B) Tennis Shoe

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The Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 6 All Court Women's Tennis Shoes are designed to keep you one step ahead of your opponents, offering an unbeatable combination of speed, comfort, and stability on the court. These shoes are a marvel of engineering, featuring Mizuno's signature Wave technology that provides an exceptional level of cushioning and energy return, translating into explosive movements and effortless agility. The D-Flex Groove and PoWnCe midsole ensure swift directional changes with maximum efficiency, making every sprint, stop, and jump more powerful. The durable X10 rubber outsole offers outstanding traction on all types of court surfaces, from clay to hard court, ensuring you're ready for any challenge. With a sleek, aerodynamic design and a breathable mesh upper, the Wave Exceed Tour 6 not only looks professional but keeps your feet cool under pressure.

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