Gamma Live Wire XP String

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For players seeking natural gut comfort with a slightly crisper feel, Gamma Live Wire XP 16 features a unique multicore construction for a firmer response. The Live Wire fibers which help to increase the power and comfort of the string, while the Zyex fibers are designed to be stiffer for a crisp feel. Live Wire XP utilizes the Zyex monofilaments in the outerwrap as well a pearlized coating to resist notching and enhance durability. This string will play just slightly stiffer than the original Live Wire, while it retains all the comfort and power of the original. This string is suited for an all court style seeking a more durable alternative to multifilament strings.


Construction: Multi-Core with Outer Wraps

Color: Natural

Gauge: 16 G / 1.32 mm

Length: 40 ft / 12.2 m


-Crisper and firmer than Live Wire

-Zyex in Outer coating

-Pearl Coating to resist notching

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