Prokennex Kinetic Black Ace Pro Pickleball Paddle

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The Pro Kennex Black Ace Pro Pickleball Paddle is designed to be the fastest and most aerodynamic paddle you can wield. It`s designed with a single piece TORAY faced carbon paddle to bring power that punches well above its weight class. This is made possible by the edgeless design that reduces drag for faster swings. Spiral Tech Carbon 4 adds friction in 4 directions to enhance energy return to the ball. Pro Kennex uses its patented kinetic technology to create a robust shock and vibration absorbing system. Inside the handle is a custom chamber filled with inelastic micro spheres, which allows for non-obstructive particle dampening to provide last-pass vibration filtering to further reduce the impact of each hit. 


Weight: 7.95oz
Grip Size: 4"
Grip Length: 5.3"
Length: 15.8"
Width: 7.6"
Core Thickness: 11mm

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