Head Radical Tour Raw (2024) Pickleball Paddle

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The HEAD Radical Tour Raw Paddle 2024 is perfect for versatile players who want additional touch and grip on the ball. Featuring a Raw Carbon Hitting Surface, this pickleball paddle provides a soft and comfortable hitting feel. Enjoy better maneuverability from the traditional shape and shorter handle. HEAD's Handle Stabilizer Technology secures the shaft and provides additional dampening and shock absorption. If you want to be your best each time you hit the courts, play with the HEAD Radical Tour Raw Paddle 2024!

  • Raw Carbon Hitting Surface provides optimal grip on the ball and a soft, comfortable hitting feel.
  • Handle Stabilizer Technology (HST) encompasses a unique handle reinforcement for superior strength and dampening.
  • Comfort Grip System creates a softer feel that dampens vibrations for comfort and playability.
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