Head Radical Tour EX Raw (2024) Pickleball Paddle

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The HEAD Radical Tour EX Raw Paddle 2024 is ideal for players with a two-handed backhand who need an extended grip. Featuring a Raw Carbon Hitting Surface, this pickleball paddle provides a soft and comfortable feel on each shot. HEAD's Handle Stabilizer technology secures the shaft while offering additional dampening and shock absorption. A versatile weapon for players with a two-handed backhand, the HEAD Radical Tour EX Raw Paddle 2024 gives you the extra reach to compete!

  • Raw Carbon Hitting Surface provides optimal grip on the ball and a soft, comfortable hitting feel.
  • Handle Stabilizer Technology (HST) encompasses a unique handle reinforcement for superior strength and dampening.
  • Comfort Grip System creates a softer feel that dampens vibrations for comfort and playability.
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