Head Radical Tour EX Grit 2024 Pickleball Paddle

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Introducing the Radical Tour Ex Grit 2024 Pickleball Paddle – a pinnacle of innovation and performance designed to push the boundaries of your game. This paddle combines state-of-the-art technologies to deliver an exceptional playing experience, giving players the tools they need to excel on the pickleball court.

Graphite Hitting Surface (GHS): The Radical Tour Ex Grit 2024 features a Graphite Hitting Surface, providing a responsive feel and exceptional power for players who demand precision in their shots.

Composite Hitting Surface (CHS): With a Composite Hitting Surface, this paddle ensures durability and consistent performance, allowing players to maintain their edge during intense matches.

Spin Grid (SG): Unleash your spin potential with the Spin Grid technology, giving you the ability to control the ball's rotation with finesse and accuracy. Take your spin shots to the next level.

Foamed Core (FC): The Foamed Core adds a layer of cushioning to the paddle, delivering a comfortable touch and improved control. Play with confidence, knowing your paddle can handle both power and finesse.

Comfort Grip (CGS): The Comfort Grip technology ensures a secure and comfortable hold on the paddle, reducing fatigue during extended play. Maintain control and focus on your game with a grip designed for optimal performance.

Weight: 8.1 ounces

Handle Length: 5 in

Paddle Length: 16 in

Core Material: Extended Power Core

Surface Material: Composite

Paddle Width: 7 7/8 in

Grip Size: 4 1/8 in *may vary up to 1/8"

Factory Grip: SoftTac


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