Head Prestige TOUR 2021 Tennis Racquet

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Head has updated the Graphene 360+ Pro into the all-new 2021 Prestige Tour. This Prestige tour features a sensational feel is supplied by the new Auxetic construction in a modern update of a Head classic. Auxetic is designed to enhance the impact feel of the racquet creating a smooth crisp response on every shot regardless of impact location on the string bed. The applied force during impact is highest in the yoke piece so that the Auxetic construction can unfold its full potential in this area of the racquet.

The Prestige Tour is engineered for the technical tour player looking for a racquet that enables them to play precisely how they wish. A new, see-through carbon element in the frame is slightly different every time, giving your racquet its own unique identity. Head continues the use of Graphene 360+ as in versions of Prestige.

Overall, the Prestige Tour has been developed for the technical tournament level players thanks to it's 95 square inch head, firm 11.7 ounce strung weight with an open 16x19 string pattern -- giving players modern precision with sensation feel with a fresh, premium design.

Naming has changed, specs remain the same!

  • Old=MP, New=PRO
  • Old=PRO, New=TOUR
  • Old=TOUR, New=MP
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