Head Lynx Edge String

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Head's Lynx Edge is the formed rendition of the first Head Lynx co-poly. With its 7 sharp edges, this string puts a tight grasp on the ball, empowering the player to make gigantic turn. Like the round rendition of Head Lynx, this co-poly offers better than expected solace for a control string. Thus, it is impeccable the middle of the road or propelled player who need a somewhat all the more sympathetic feel on askew effect. It additionally has excellent solidness, halfway on the grounds that it slides on itself well and keeps away from frictional wear. With its very unsurprising reaction on full swings, this co-poly will compensate your most dominant strokes with balls that drop hard and detonate off the court. An incredible alternative for any individual who needs to add additional turn and accuracy to their game!

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