Head Gravity PRO Tennis Racquet (2021)

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The Gravity features an updated flip cosmetic with yellow and green on one side and blue and violet on the other. What makes the frame so unique is the combination of Graphene 360+ technology and Spiralfibers. Once again, the Gravity features a Sweet Zone head shape which places the widest section of the head higher up in the hoop. This design rewards advanced players who attack the ball with racquet head speed, and who prefer a softer flex.
The Gravity Pro has a thin 20 millimeter beam and a dense 18x20 string pattern. The 11.1 ounce unstrung weight makes this racquet incredibly solid when fending off attacking shots from an opponent. The racquet features all the hallmarks of a classic control frame, but the raised sweet spot and large teardrop-shaped head make it more accessible and easier to play than most frames with similar specs. 

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