Goodr Naeon Flux Capacitor Sunglasses

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Goodr's VGR Sunglasses bring a futuristic design to your face. Designed to look good and fit comfortably whether you're running laps on a track or building a time machine. With naeon yellow frames and silver gradient lenses, these sunglasses can help you navigate the present, past, or future. Just don't hook up with one of your past/future relatives b/c you might destroy the space-time continuum. And it's super gross.


  • Microfiber bag


  • No slip silicon rubber nose and temple grips
  • Light weight frames to prevent bouncing
  • Polarized lenses with a gradient tint layer
  • Best used for Speed Runs or Hot Tub Time Machines

Style: Casual
Frame Color: Green
Lens Color: Grey
Manufacturer Fit: VRG
Interchangeable Lenses: -
Extra Lens(es) Included: -
Polarized: Yes

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