Gamma RZR Bubba 117 Tennis Racquet

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Players in need of a forgiving racquet that offers comfort and maneuverability will want to hit with the Gamma RZR Bubba 117. This frame is a smaller version of Gamma’s well known Bubba line. The 117 square inch head provides a generous sweet spot with plenty of power and forgiveness. The 22-24-22mm beam width ensures the racquet has solid power while also offering stability. RZR aerodynamic technology is incorporated, giving the racquet a light, fast feel through the air. At 9.5oz (strung), the frame is light enough for any level of player to swing while still offering solid power. The slightly head heavy balance lends additional pop off the ground and lends stability on both ground strokes and volleys. With a slightly extended 27.25 inch length, players have access to extra leverage on serves and ground strokes. The 16x19 string pattern allows for a blend of spin and control on every type of stroke. The frame’s mid range stiffness provides an excellent balance between power and a comfortable feel on contact. 

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