Head FXP String

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For players seeking comfort and playability, Head FXP 16 utilizes a unique combination of materials to achieve all new performance. The special Tri-cluster of Fibergel filaments inside the central polyamide core provide greater elasticity for enhanced ball pocketing and greater comfort. The polyamide central core of FXP provides solid tension maintenance and classic feel. Each strand of the outerwraps contain three polyester filaments for enhanced durability and a crisp feel. To complete the string, a DuPont Synthetic 66 coating is applied to reduce friction and prevent string notching. This string is a good option for players seeking a comfortable and crisp feeling string with the durability of a monofilament construction.


Construction: Monofilament polyamide + Fibergel filaments + outerwrap

Color: Natural

Gauge: 1.32mm / 16g

Length: 12.2 m / 40 ft

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