Dunlop LX 800 Tennis Racquet

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Dunlop reinvigorates the power category with their new the Dunlop LX 800 Tennis Racquet. To ensure the LX 800 plays comfortably, Dunlop added Flex Touch Resin, which is a flexible and vibration reducing material. The LX series racquets use grommets constructed of Hybrar, a more pliable material which further reduces vibration for greater comfort. Another improvement in the grommets is the Straight String System, which further increases the hitting area. The LX 800 an oversize 110 square inch head, and it it slightly longer at 27.5 inches for greater reach. The thicker beam construction pairs nicely with the 16x18 string pattern for a controllable and spin friendly response. If you have shorter, more compact swings, and you need a racquet with an extra jolt of power, the LX 800 is a great choice.

Note: This racquet comes with a 2 pack insulated racquet bag



-Flex Touch Resin, and Hybrar grommets make a powerful racquet more comfortable.

-Extended Length means more reach and power

-The open string pattern make the LX 800 a spin lovers dream 


Increase your shot power!

The Dunop LX 800 features a larger head size for increased shot power and the bigger sweet spot makes your shots more comfortable and more forgiving on your arm. So you can play with an effortless focus on your shot quality. Perfect for players with a shorter swing style who want the racket to do the work.


  • Head Size: 110 sq inch /110 sq. cm
  • Length: 27.5" / 69.8 cms
  • Weight unstrung: 8.9 oz / 255 grs
  • Balance unstrung: 355 / HH
  • RA/Stiffness: 77
  • Beam: 26/27/26 mm
  • String Pattern: 16 x 18
  • Racquet comes UNSTRUNG
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