Diadora Men's Speed Blushield Fly 4+ AG (White/Ocean/Salsa) Tennis Shoe

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Fast players reading, this shoe is for you! The Speed Blushield Fly 4+ AG is the men’s tennis shoedesigned for quick players, for an use on hard surfaces or clay.

Upper made of SuprellTech, air mesh and d-skin, for excellent stability, breathability and comfort, lined with soft, textured, non-slip lycra inside. Removable, dnattivo insole; midsole of light EVA and arch reinforcement to improve stability; Blushield technology at the metatarsal. Outsole of rubber with special wear-resistant Duratech 5000 compound.

Sock construction in suprelltech + Air mesh + D-Skin for excellent stability, breathability and comfort. Lined with soft, textured, non slip Lycra® inside

DDATTIVO, Removable

Lightweight EVA mid reinforcement fo greater stability. Blushield technology in metatarsal area. CCB technology

Rubber with special wear-resistant Duratech 5000 compound. Sole for hard terrains and/or clay court

410 gr (14.5 oz) - size 9 UK


All ground


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