Solinco Confidential String

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It's finally here! Solinco's Confidential Tennis String is a newly developed, versatile co-polyester string. Confidential offers improved playability, control, and vastly improved tension maintenance over the current polyester market. The string's unique shape provides optimal snap back and a surprising amount of power for a co-polyester string. Our play testers found tons of control, even with tensions in the mid to high 40s. 

Construction: Co-Polyester mono-filament (shaped)

Color: Silver

Gauge: 16 G / 1.30 mm | 16 L / 1.25 mm | 17 G / 1.20 mm | 18 G / 1.15 mm

Length: 40 ft / 12.2 m



-Improved tension maintenance

-Unique shape for spin

-Good power for a co-polyester string

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