Gamma Ball Hopper Hi-Rise 75 w/Wheels

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The Gamma Ball Hopper® Hi-Rise™ 75 with Wheels is a professional grade ball pick-up designed for to hold 75 balls with maximum durability and everyday use by teaching pros and players alike. This basket features EZ-Go Wheels and locking handles for even easier pickup and travel.

  • Attached lid prevents accidental spilling.
  • Legs/handles lock in place when convertible basket is in pick-up position.
  • Features wear bumpers on the basket bottom wires that protect against damage.
  • Includes reinforced side and bottom welds for added strength and durability.
  • A Diamond Clad wear resistant coating protects hopper from rust and damage.
  • Floating wires at the bottom of the basket float or roll for easy ball pickup.
  • Floating wires at the ball openings make ball entry easier and eliminate welds that can fatigue and break.

*For Tennis balls only. Balls not included

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