Babolat RPM SOFT

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Babolat rounds out their RPM category with RPM Soft Tennis String. While RPM Blast, Rough, and Power are designed for ultra competitive players with very high swing speeds, RPM Soft is meant for players who break multifilament strings to quickly. Many tennis players find themselves stuck because they enjoy the durability of polyester strings, but they don't love the firmer feel. RPM Soft features a three layer construction with polyamide in the center, a middle layer of co-polyamide and aramid powder, and a surface layer composed of co-polyamide and silicone. The string's unique construction is designed to provide greater comfort than a polyester string, but improved durability over a multifilament.


Construction: Solid Core Co-Polyamide inner Layer | Co-Polyamide and Aramid Powder Middle Layer | Co-Polyamide and Silicone outer layer

Color: Radiant Sunset

Gauge: 16 G / 1.30 mm | 17 G / 1.25 mm

Length: 40 ft



-Greater comfort than a polyester string

-More durable than a multifilament

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