Babolat Pure Drive Tour (2021) Tennis Racquet

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The Babolat 2021 Pure Drive Tour Tennis Racquet features an attractive new mirror cosmetic for one of the best selling tennis racquets in the world. The Pure Drive Tour is the most stable racquet in the series thanks to the higher 11.1 ounce unstrung weight and firm response. Babolat has added SWX Pure Feel, powered by an extended wrapping of SMAC inside the frames shaft to improve comfort. The new HTR system gives the racquet a new lay up composition to help convert fast swings into explosive shots. With this Pure Drive Tour, Babolat focused on improving the sound and feel at contact, while keeping the 6 points head light balance, and manageable swing weight. FSI Power technology is back again with enhanced diamond shaped grommets for increased power and a larger sweet spot. The Pure Drive Tour is perfect for a big hitting advanced player in need of a heavy, powerful frame.

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