Babolat Paddle XPLR Pickleball Racquet

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The pickleball courts are packed and you want in on the fun. Thanks to all-around playability in a user-friendly package, the Babolat XPLR pickleball paddle is the perfect paddle to develop your game as you develop your love affair with pickleball.

Players looking to discover what makes the sport of pickleball so popular and ever-growing, will enjoy the Babolat XPLR paddle. The 7.7 ounce average weight of the XPLR is easy to swing, offering a high degree of control, with a thinner 13mm. Polymer Honeycomb core, and 16 in. overall length supplying ample power. A Fiberglass hitting surface is spin friendly, durable, and also adds to the XPLR's liveliness. Babolat pairs this paddle with a 4 in. grip size, and 5 in. handle length, and then wraps it with their ultra-soft Syntec Uptake grip, making the XPLR a great paddle choice.    


Weight: 7.7 oz ( ±0.5 oz.)
Core: Polymer Honeycomb Core
Hitting Surface: Fiberglass Composite
Grip Size: 4 in.
Handle Length: 5 in.
Paddle Length:
Paddle Width: 7.85 in.
Paddle Thickness: 13 mm.
Factory Grip: Babolat Syntec Uptake
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