Babolat Paddle WZRD Pickleball Paddle

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The Babolat WZRD pickleball paddle brings extreme control and unique feel to players who outplay the competition with dinks, resets, and craft. The shield shape and 20 mm thickness turns the paddle face into one big sweet spot. Advanced and expert players will embrace the control and unique feel that make the WZRD so special. Don't worry, you'll still have plenty of power to end the point on your terms. Generate massive spin with the RPM Grit technology, featuring the maximum grit and dwell time allowed by USA Pickleball. The Babolat WZRD pickleball paddle isn't for everyone, but it's magical in the right hands.


Spin to win. Topspin lets you hit harder with increased accuracy, drop 3rds at your opponents feet, and open up the court with angles. Backspin keeps the ball low, can be an effective reset, and makes the ball more difficult for your opponent to attack. RPM Grit technology features the maximum grit allowed by USA Pickleball, so you can generate heavy topspin and deadly slices from any place on the court.


It feels like magic. The shield shape and 20 mm thickness create a massive sweet spot. How does this help with control? The dwell time and unique face makes it easier to consistently hit dinks, resets, and drops from any place on court. You're not "playing soft," you're playing with sensational control.
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