Volkl V-Cell V1 MP

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Part of the V1 Collection, Volkl V-Feel V1 MP is a fairly lightweight, midsized frame featuring top of the line technologies that enhance playing performance. REVA, VCELL, and VTEX technologies make for stiffer, stronger racquets with excellent feel and vibration dampening. The Volkl V-Feel 1 MP helps tennis players take their game to another level, regardless of playing style.

  • Features a standard racquet length.
  • Features excellent dampening.
  • Includes a Volkl racquet sack.

V-Feel = REVA + VCELL + VTEX Technologies

REVA:Makes V-Feel racquets 35% more resilient. EVA + RESIN material provides a lively, dynamic performance. Racquets are 15-25% more laterally stiffer and 35-50% more torsionally stronger. REVA offers 25% more shock absorption.

V-Cell:Makes these racquets stronger, stiffer, and biodegradable.

VTEX:Featured in the silicone polymer butt cap that offers increased dampening, less torque, and resistance to moving and cracking.

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