Yonex Vcore 100 (300g) Tennis Racquet

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Vcore 100 300G Tennis Racquet is back with a few nice tweaks. The Isometric head shape remains, and Aero Fin technology has been updated and added to the bridge for an aerodynamic response.

At the top of the Head, the grommets are embedded in an Aero Trench, which hides the grommets and further reduces air resistance. Namd graphite has been added to mproved flex and fast frame snapback.

Liner Tech expands the sweet spot horizontally and keeps the main strings straighter reducing the entry angle of the grommets. The VCORE 100 is 11.1 ounces strung, with an RA stiffness rating of 65, and a swing weight of 325.

Round that out with a controlled 16x19 string pattern and you get the makings of a comfortable performance racquet.

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