Babolat Pure Strike 16x19 2nd Gen Tennis Racquet

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The Pure Strike 16 x 19 2017 is a new addition to the Babolat line and innovation just oozes out of this family of responsive racquets. The white and neon orange aesthetics provides a striking and appealing look that you will appreciate and will put your opponent on their toes. 

The Pure Strike is made to give the player a responsive feel for when hitting the ball on the rise and redirecting using the ball speed from the opponent while also providing precision to use ever centimeter of the court to create open angles to win points. The new FSI hybrid frame construction offers great feel on ball impact due to an extra 1.5mm wider beam that increases precision and opens the sweet spot by 10% to bring forgiveness to off-center hits.  

There is a new woofer system installed in the grommets and bumper called the Response Woofer which contracts the grommets inward when a ball hits the string bed and releases the contraction when the strings release the ball. This results in less friction and more flexibility in shots whether they are purely flat or with a lot of spin. 

 Best suited for: Intermediate to advanced players who want a precision based racquet that can provide spin with ease might want to check out this racquet with its impactful and cutting edge design.

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