Head MXG 1 Tennis Racquet

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MXG 1 Tennis Racquet with the hope of combining a lighter overall weight, without losing any stability. The MXG 1 has a specifically engineered Magnesium Bridge, which extends the main strings of the racquet for more power and a more forgiving sweet spot. The bridge also stabilizes the racquet face by reducing the twisting of the head to maintain control even when slightly missing the sweet spot. To keep the MXG 1 comfortable, HEAD engineered the racquet with Graphene Touch. The material helps dampen vibrations for a more comfortable playing experience. The MXG 1 seamlessly merges explosive power, lightweight stability, and comfort for players of many levels. Our play testers commented about how easily the MXG 1 swings through the hitting zone, and that it is truly one of the most maneuverable racquets around.

Head size 98 sq. in.
Length 27 inches
String Pattern 16M x 19C
Tension  48-57 lbs
Weight (unstrung) 10.6 oz (301g)
Weight (strung) 11.1 oz (315g)
Swing Weight 305
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