JOOLA Simone Jardim Hyperion Gen 3 16mm Pickleball Paddle

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JOOLA Simone Jardim Hyperion 3 16mm Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle

The best players, like Simone, offer an impressive balance of skills and a deep bag of shots that are made possible by a paddle like the JOOLA Simone Jardim Hyperion 3 16 Pickleball Paddle. Sporting a different graphic but the same shape and features as the Ben Johns Hyperion 3 16, this paddle brings a balance of poppy power and cool control that the pros demand. Someone said poppy power? In a 16mm? Correct. The new Propulsion Core uses a foam perimeter and a suspended honeycomb core to rebound behind the ball for incredible ball speed, without losing its ability to expand the sweet spot, plow-through off center strikes, and cushion impact for a smooth feel

With all of this new-found power, we were concerned that controlling the ball with the Simone Jardim Hyperion 3 16mm Paddle from JOOLA would be difficult. While this is the most powerful Hyperion yet, the Charged Carbon surface allowed us to reign in the power by bending our shots back in the court. Back from the last generation, this surface boasts an additive bonding process and plenty of long-lasting texture that team up for world-renowned dwell time and a crisp feel to go with the spin we need to keep our passing shots, serves, and slams in play. The Aero Curve shape keeps things maneuverable, while the 5.5” handle leaves plenty of room for those two hand backhands we love.

Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8"

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