JOOLA Anna Bright Scorpeus Gen 3 14mm Pickleball Paddle

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JOOLA Anna Bright Scorpeus 3 14mm Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle

Anna likes a powerful paddle that remains maneuverable, which is exactly why her name adorns the JOOLA Anna Bright Scorpeus 3 14 Pickleball Paddle. This next-generation paddle runs with the previous version’s mantra of power and defense, then infuses it with even more pop. To manufacture this pop without altering the reliable 16” standard shape, JOOLA introduced their 14mm Propulsion Core. This two-piece core suspends a honeycomb core inside a foam perimeter so that it can act like a trampoline and return impressive energy to the ball for extra pop. Additionally, this core offers plow-through ability, an expanded sweet spot, and a smooth soft feel.

Traditionally shaped and boasting a maneuverable 7.8-ounce design, the Anna Bright Scorpeus 3 14mm Paddle from JOOLA helps you harness its impressive power with a gritty Charged Carbon face. This hitting surface uses an additive bonding treatment and a unique texture in tandem with the familiar rigidity of carbon fiber to create a crisp and tacky feel with plenty of dwell time. This combination results in impressive spin, precise resets, and plenty of control when battling at the net. Speaking of, the 5.25” handle gives you just a little extra reach without slowing our hands down.

Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8"

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