Head Extreme Elite (2021) Pickleball Paddle

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HEAD Extreme Elite Composite Paddle

The Extreme Elite Composite Paddle is similar to the Extreme Pro Composite but has a smoother surface and sleek grip. If you don't need any extra help to put spin on pickleballs, this paddle still provides an ample sweet spot but reduces unneeded surface area due to the tapered edges. The solid feel of a composite face with a polymer core delivers high impact performance without jostling the joints.

The Extreme Elite Composite Paddle has a 5" handle with a medium grip. It weighs around 7.8 oz which contributes to a balanced feel. The swooping HEAD logo is placed in the center of the design on top of a blue background. The lower portion of the paddle is black with the name printed along the diagonal divide. The full 16" length is ideal for returning more difficult shots.

The Extreme Elite Composite Paddle helps you to stay ahead of the competition thanks to its generous reach and efficient shape.

Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8".

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