Head Extreme Tour Pickleball Paddle

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The Extreme Tour Graphite Paddle uses a variety of top technologies from HEAD to create a reactive and speedy design. This paddle's light weight and tapered edges make it handle smoothly while the carbon graphite face which adds power. The comfort grip contains inlaid EVA material which feels extra cushy and dampens the vibration from impact. The face has a slight texture to increase spin.

The Extreme Tour Graphite Paddle weighs approximately 7.6 oz and has a 5" handle length which is slightly above average to accomodate players who enjoy more reach. The medium-sized grip has an even, non-ridged texture. The lower portion of the paddle is a neon yellow and above that is the HEAD logo in the same bright color set against a grey and black background.

The Extreme Tour Graphite Paddle has a streamlined feel that allows players to respond quickly while maintaining control over the game.

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