Yonex Astrel 105 Tennis Racquet

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Are you looking for a racquet that will do the hard work for you without sacrificing control? Than the Yonex Astrel 105 Tennis Racquet may be what you are looking for. People turn to racquets with a bigger head size in order to increase consistency to their game and increase their tennis lifespan. Designed for players who are looking to easily swing through the ball and increase depth on their rallying shots, this racquet helps increase your swing speed and add a bit more spin than what you may be used to. In tests run by Yonex, this racquet has been shown to speed up your swing by around 4 km/hr. To add to this, Quad Force Gear pushes out on the racquet head, making the sweet spot more squared - and as a result, 10% larger. Yonex has always made great models that cater toward older players and beginners in tennis, and the Astrel line is another great example of it!

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